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Cooking Class

Jordan among all other Arabic Countries is well known for its food culture and hospitality. The real Jordanian Cuisine is found inside the walls of Jordanian homes where the recipes are inherited from one generation of mothers to the other. 
our cooking class is done in one of the boutique hotels of Amman and by a Jordanian mother of two and her team of Jordanian - Arab chefs. 

We invite you to learn and cook a five-course meal including salads, appetizers, manaqeesh, main course and a dessert. 

At the end of the session, you will gather around a long table accompanied by the Jordanian family owning the place to enjoy the Jordanian feast you have personally prepared. 


Arabic coffee, tea is provided during the session in addition to the possibility of enjoying a local beer or wine during the meal. 

A variety of local spices, virgin olive oil and many more Jordanian specialities is available onsite for purchasing at convenient prices. 


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